IXI Ventures Plc. is committed to providing our shareholders and the media with reliable and transparent information about our business and results in an open and timely manner.

Financial information

The financial year begins 1st of January and ends the 31st of December. Upon request, financial information will be disclosed to investors.

Share Information

IXI Ventures Ltd. has the following share structure:


Ordinary Shares - Class A

Share Capital: 2,141,068,000 fully paid up.

Shares: 21,410,680.

Nominal value: EUR 100 per share.

Rights: Each share has right to dividend as per nominal value





Ordinary Shares - Class B

Share Capital: GBP 50,000 fully paid up.

Shares: 50,000.

Nominal value: GBP 1 per shares

Rights: Each share has right to dividend as per nominal value and holds 1 voting right.

TOKEN Information

IXI Ventures Ltd. has issued a Token with the following :

Symbol: IXIV
Blockchain: Ethereum / ERC-20
Token Contract: 0x9df591e2cd3d66257739d1c7f645701bcb5834b7

Current BOOK Value of Assets: € 2,141,068,000

IXI Ventures Ltd.
5 Jupiter House Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire, RG7 8NN, United Kingdom
Company No. 10913810