Tokenization of Shares

Tokenization of Shares

IXI Ventures Ltd. is pleased to annouce, that it has decided to tokenize the shares. This is done in order to make the transfer of shares more efficient.

The token will be issued as a ERC-20 Token, and the ratio between the shares and the Token are as follows;

1 Share = 100 Tokens

There will be issued 5 billion tokens, of which 3,171,068,000 will be issued to the current shareholders, while the remaining will be kept as reserves for the company, and only to be issued vis-a-vis a similar value is added to the company to ensure no shareholders will be diluted.

The Token will have the symbol "IXIV".

For more information, please contact;

IXI Ventures Ltd.

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Current BOOK Value of Assets: € 2,141,068,000

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