IXI Ventures Ltd. invests in all types of assets to keep a diversified portfolio of asset. The strategy is to take-over assets that are illiquid, where after funding shall be obtained by issuance and sale of treasury shares. Thereby, these assets suddenly become realizable, hence providing a great potential for IXI Ventures Ltd.

We often make agreement with the previous owners of the assets, so we ensure they come along to develop or sell the assets.


There is always a risk involved when having an illiquid asset, and wanting to develop it into a liquid and realizable asset. Therefore, we always have third party valuations of the assets, and always keep a strategy for each of the assets. By doing so, we find that the possible return for each asset more than compensate the risks involved.

As many assets have different risk and return, IXI Ventures Plc. work to maintain the optimum investment based on the selected assets.


IXI Ventures Plc. holds a diversified portfolio of assets. The only requirement for selection of an asset is, that at present the asset is illiquid and can be made liquid somehow in the future. IXI Ventures Plc. invests among others in mines, commodities, stocks, precious stones, properties and land.

Current BOOK Value of Assets: € 2,141,068,000

IXI Ventures Ltd.
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